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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Today I set off on an adventure that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Something that I’ve had in mind since I started traveling the world, when I understood the real meaning of the word freedom – which, for me, just like for many people, is synonymous with traveling.

With LATAM Airlines, today I finally touch down on the continent that I’ve heard so much about: South America! Purity, hospitality, flavor, joy, immensity, nature, proximity, kindness, Latin American music, and passion are the words that come to mind when I think about this part of the planet. It’s time to see it in person.

Every great journey requires several months of preparation in order to make the most of the days, not wasting a single moment. But, in this case, I decided to leave planning aside, being open to improvisation and spontaneity, because this is how you get the best stories and memories. Not knowing what’s going to happen makes me feel like a true explorer – the essence of adventure.

Still, it’s always important to define an objective and a direction. In my case, the itinerary will be focused on the search for the most spectacular natural landscapes in Ecuador, Chile and Argentina, to keep learning with Mother Nature and share my discoveries through my photographs.

My adventure will start in Quito. From there, I’ll head south to contemplate several Andean volcanoes until arriving at the touristy city of Baños, where I’ll alternate my days between waterfalls, thermal waters and adventure sports. Then I’ll head east, exploring the Ecuadorian Amazon: Cuyabeno and Yasuní. After three weeks, I’ll return to Quito to catch a plane to the gems of Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands. From the island of Baltra, I’ll fly to the Atacama Desert in Chile to contemplate its moon-like landscape, and from there I’ll travel to one of the most remote places on the planet: Easter Island. Then I’ll return to Santiago and head south to Puerto Montt, which I intend to explore for 12 days, before crossing to Argentina. From Iguazú I might go to Buenos Aires, stopping at the second largest wetland in the world, the Esteros del Iberá. And last but not least, I’ll visit the amazing Patagonia during my three last weeks.

I’m setting off on this adventure with plenty of enthusiasm, desire, passion, joy and, of course, being grateful for this opportunity, which I’m sure will mark my life as a traveler. At the same time, I’m also strangely scared. It’s not what you may be thinking. It’s not about being scared of leaving your house, your circle of friends, your comfort zone, your routine (which made me sick to my stomach). But now is not the time to think about my awakening. It’s time to enjoy, consciously and with five sharp senses, this dream that will take me to the deep soul of South America.


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