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You can read an interview about David and his work here.

David Aguilar is a 29-year-old landscape photographer and biologist based in Seville, Spain. From a very young age he has travelled to the most incredible places in Europe helping in several environmental volunteer projects. In 2016 he acquired his first camera with which he quickly learned the technique, until a year later he won the Vamos/Latam III contest, which allowed him to travel through the most amazing landscapes of South America taking photos and videos for three months. This supposed a radical evolution in his artistic perspective. In 2018 he won the 'Drone Video of the Year' at Airvuz. Since then his passion for searching the best landscapes at the best moments grows exponentially.

Landscape photography has been his main dedication for the past 7 years. David’s main passion is traveling and helping others with their craft. He’s also a skilled post-processing editor and has helped countless photographers over the last few years with his online landscape editing courses.


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