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An extensive 6 hours online course on post-processing dark and dramatic images. I'll teach you my whole editing workflow step by step from start to finish on three different moody photos, using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


6+ hours of video content

Divided in 30 lessons I'll show you step by step my whole editing workflow on how I process my moody landscapes during 6 hours of content.

raw & psd files included

Download the original RAWs and low resolution PSDs to follow along with David and practice with the images of the course. 


Learn to compose properly your images and to manage the right combination of colors.



Ask David any question you have during the course on each comments section and he will gladly answer you asap.



One tips & tricks video on how I prepare and export my pictures for Instagram.

What will you learn?

  • My full easy and effective editing workflow from the RAW files to the final result ready for web.

  • The concept behind each image: why to edit like this.

  • Why and how to chose that specific composition.

  • Why and how to chose those color combinations.

  • How to apply the color theory to your images.

  • How to create depth, visual flow and three-dimensional look to your photos.

  • How to easily create a dark and moody look on your images.

  • How to create realistic light and atmosphere from nothing.

  • How to add natural fog and clouds.

  • Advanced warping to improve your composition.

  • Focus Stacking

  • Basic and advanced luminosity masking

  • Manual Blending

  • Many other powerful techniques: Dodge & Burn, Orton Effect, Light Glow, Controlled Contrast, color corrections, cleaning, sharpening and more.

Enchanted Valley

'Enchanted Valley'

On this tutorial divided in 9 lessons we will begin covering some important aspects about location, concept, composition and color. Then we will see how to emphasise the mood, how to create depth and some relevant techniques like: manual blending, adding fog, warping, cleaning distractions, controlled contrast, creating source of light, light glow, diffused light, web sharpening and more.



For me, the mood doesn't only mean dark images without too much colors, but also colorful pictures with a dark look. On this tutorial divided in 10 lessons we will cover how to manage light and how to add the correct colors in landscape photography, maintaining the mood. It starts with some tips on composition and color theory to understand why I chose that composition and why I want to process it with those colors. After the adjustments in Lightroom, the course continues with more powerful techniques like focus stacking, warping, controlled contrast, color management, colorful light painting, adding atmosphere, Orton effect, dodge & burn and more.

Introduction to Chaos

'Introduction to Chaos'

The last tutorial of this course is divided on 11 lessons. Taking this moody image as example, I will show you how to create a three-dimensional perspective and visual flow while adding a dreamy moody look. This tutorial starts covering the location, concept, composition and color theory. After some RAW preparation in Lightroom, it continues into Photoshop, showing how to add natural clouds, advanced warping to improve the composition, vignetting, improving the colors, how to create light and lifelike sunbeams from nothing, improving the atmosphere, light glow effect, effective dodge & burn and more.

Something else you should know before...

  • A very basic knowledge on Lightroom/Camera RAW and Photoshop is required.

  • It's an online course with lifetime access.

  • You can access via your computer, phone or tablet through the Hotmart Web.

  • You can ask any question you have on each lesson and I will gladly answer. 

  • The RAW and PSD files provided are just for educational and personal use only.


99 €

Learn how to edit your moody landscapes from start to finish and take your post-processing skills to the next level applying my easy and effective workflow I show you on this in depth online course.

  • Duration: 6 hrs 15 min

  • Softwares needed: Lightroom / Camera RAW and Photoshop

  • Language: English or Spanish


Is this course refundable?

Yes, the course has a 15 days money-back guarantee in case you're not completely satisfied.

Can I buy just one of the tutorials separately?

Sorry but for the moment it's just on sale the full pack. The three tutorials complement very well each other to learn the whole process of editing moody landscapes.

Do I need to buy Lightroom and Photoshop to benefitting from this course?

Yes, those softwares are not included. You will have to subscribe for yourself. I recommend you the 'Photography Plan' for 12€/month.

Do I need the last version of Lightroom and Photoshop?

No, you don't really need the last version. All the techniques used in this course can also be made with older versions of this softwares.

Besides the Adobe softwares, do I need any other plugin for the course?

An action panel to quickly create luminosity masks is highly recommended. I use the Tony Kuyper 7 Panel but you can download a free basic version of the TK6 which will practically do the same job.

The Nik Collection (Color Efex Pro 4) plugin is used just one time in one of the videos. I recommend you but it's not an essential tool for my workflow.

Does it matter if I work on a Mac or PC?

No, I use Mac and every time I use my keyboard I explain what are the keys I'm clicking on Windows as well. So you won't have any issue about that.

What level of experience is required for joining this course?

A very basic knowledge on Lightroom and Photoshop is needed. Despite I explain the tools I use step by step, it is recommended to know the basics of these softwares as this course is not about them, but about my pictures.

How do I contact to David?

Please send an email to



Foto perfil.jpg

I'm David Aguilar and I will be your teacher during the course. I have a deep passion for Landscape Photography, which has been my main dedication for the past 3 years, searching the best landscapes at the best moments.

As photographers, we can express our feelings of a moment to others, we can convey a message to tell a story and to show what your eyes saw and what your heart felt. In my case, I take photographs to show people how our beautiful natural world is through my eyes and to express my feelings on those gorgeous places.

Despite being at the right place at the right moment is key in photography, the post-processing skills are also very important to correct things that our camera sees differently than our eyes and to emphasise certain elements of the photo so that we can convey the feelings and evoke emotion.  On this course I show you all my techniques which will help to express your feelings with your photos.

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