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An extensive 6 hours online course on post-processing dark and dramatic images. I'll teach you my whole editing workflow step by step from start to finish on three different moody photos, using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Moody Landscapes (final).png

6+ hours of video content

Divided in 30 lessons I'll show you step by step my whole editing workflow on how I process my moody landscapes during 6 hours of content.

raw & psd files included

Download the original RAWs and low resolution PSDs to follow along with David and practice with the images of the course. 


Learn to compose properly your images and to manage the right combination of colors.



Ask David any question you have during the course on each comments section and he will gladly answer you asap.



One tips & tricks video on how I prepare and export my pictures for Instagram.

What will you learn?

  • My full easy and effective editing workflow from the RAW files to the final result ready for web.

  • The concept behind each image: why to edit like this.

  • Why and how to chose that specific composition.

  • Why and how to chose those color combinations.

  • How to apply the color theory to your images.

  • How to create depth, visual flow and three-dimensional look to your photos.

  • How to easily create a dark and moody look on your images.

  • How to create realistic light and atmosphere from nothing.

  • How to add natural fog and clouds.

  • Advanced warping to improve your composition.

  • Focus Stacking

  • Basic and advanced luminosity masking

  • Manual Blending

  • Many other powerful techniques: Dodge & Burn, Orton Effect, Light Glow, Controlled Contrast, color corrections, cleaning, sharpening and more.

Enchanted Valley

'Enchanted Valley'

On this tutorial divided in 9 lessons we will begin covering some important aspects about location, concept, composition and color. Then we will see how to emphasise the mood, how to create depth and some relevant techniques like: manual blending, adding fog, warping, cleaning distractions, controlled contrast, creating source of light, light glow, diffused light, web sharpening and more.