Welcome to my 2022 photo tours! This is where I feel most alive, where my deep passion for landscape photography and teaching others (both professional and starting) come together. I personally will take you to the most amazing and secret locations and I will teach you all my techniques on field and at the editing. Come back with amazing memories, epic photos and great friendships.

I have partnered with Photoworldtours to lead many workshops and photo tours all around the world. Each photo tour is the result of many months planning and exploring the best locations to capture them at the best conditions. These tours are very flexible, with my deep knowledge on the areas and climatology we will make the most of the trip by deciding our best option and chasing the best light.

If you're interested on joining or have further questions, please contact me.



Dates: 10-21 April 2022

Airport: El Calafate

There is no place in the world like Patagonia. The weather here creates the most amazing and dramatic conditions you can ever see in the wilderness. During 12 days we will visit the Southern Andean Range, the most impressive mountains on Earth, between Chile and Argentina. A land with stunning glaciers, glacial lakes, rivers, waterfalls, incredible jagged peaks and plenty of wildlife like pumas, guanacos and condors.




Dates: 30 April - 7 May 2022

Airport: Lisboa

For those who love seascape photography, this trip is for you! During 8 days we will explore the best seascapes that Portugal has to offer. We will visit the stunning Algarve coastline to enjoy many incredible sunrises and sunsets on beautiful photogenic beaches with huge sea stacks and arches. This photo tour is planned on a spring week full of wildflowers, no-moon nights and low-medium tides to have the best conditions on this awesome locations.




Dates: 13-22 June 2022

Airport: Keflavik

During 10 long days we will travel along the southern icelandic landscapes, from west to east. Summer is one of my favorite time of the year to visit Iceland, as the beautiful midnight sun provides up to 6 hours of endless magical light, enough time to visit different locations with incredible conditions! Also, in June the island is filled with cute puffins, humpback whales, green moss and colorful wildflowers everywhere. We will visit popular locations but also some not so famous to get away from the crowds.




Dates: 15-23 July 2022

Airport: Géneve, Switzerland

On this photo tour to the heart of the Alps we will visit the most emblematic and iconic landscapes of Switzerland along with some locations in France that look like straight out of a fairy tale. We will spend 9 days exploring and capturing 4000+m mountains, hundreds of waterfalls, stunning valleys, turquoise lakes, huge glaciers, snow-capped peaks, green hills and beautiful alpine villages - there is so much to photograph!




Dates: 24-31 July 2022

Airport: Venice

During this photo tour we will explore the most incredible landscapes of Northern Italy. Jagged peaks, rugged mountains, alpine hills and beautiful Italian cute huts are what Dolomites is all about. We will take you to the most amazing locations, some very famous like Tre Cime di Lavaredo and others not so well known yet. Moreover, summer is a great time of the year to enjoy this area as wildflowers are in bloom, the milky way looks splendid and days are longer!



Dates: September 2022 (to be defined)

Airport: Narvik/Harstad

On this photo trip to Northern Norway we will visit the spectacular Lofoten archipelago and one of the most amazing islands in Norway and probably in the world: Senja. During this 12-day workshop you will immerse yourself in an epic photographic adventure with jagged mountains emerging from the ocean, stunning Norwegian fjords, paradisiacal Caribbean beaches, the incredible colours of autumn and the majestic Aurora Borealis. You can't ask for more!




Dates: October 2022 (to be defined)

Airport: Edimburgh

This photo tour is the perfect trip to photograph the most amazing landscapes of Scotland. We will explore the Scottish Highlands, among magical coast views, sea cliffs, old medieval castles and lakes. We will stay few days in the Isle of Skye to capture its amazing landscapes and enjoy the most impressive wilderness of United Kingdom. 


Please contact me for any inquiries on these tours.