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I offer private online lessons via Skype or Google Meet in english or spanish. I will teach you my whole editing workflow from the RAW file to the final version for the web using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Before the lesson we will talk about the techniques that you want to learn so we can focus on your personal needs. We can choose one of my images or your own. We can focus in one specific technique or in a 'Start to Finish' processing. It's up to you.

Every session will be in a live shared screen so you can ask me during the editing. I'll be explaining you step by step. It will be recorded so after the lesson I will send you the video which you can watch whenever you want.

The techniques you will learn will be: multiple exposure blending, panorama, focus stacking, focal length blending, use of luminosity masks, use of adjustment layers, creating atmosphere and source of light, color theory, dodge & burn, Orton effect,  warping, sharpening and more.



80€ / 1 hour

In this session I can teach you the main aspects of landscape photography as how to use your camera or how to plan your photos. In case you have more level, I will show you my process on how I edit a picture in 1 hour or even can show you how I use the color theory, blending, web sharpening or any other specific technique.



150€ / 2 hours

In this 2 hour session I'll have enough time to show you my whole workflow from start to finish step by step focusing on any particular technique you'd love to refine. We can work on one or even two images. We can also go to your portfolio to see what you can improve in depth and focus the session on your weakness.



220€ / 3 hours

The silver session goes to the people who want to see a fast improvement in their images. Firstly I will show you how I plan my photos and will give you some tips to practice on field. Then we'll work in some images from start to finish according to your level and to what you want to improve, including some advices about how to stand out your pictures. It can be divided in 2 different sessions of 1,5h each.



350€ / 5 hours

The gold session will be divided in different sessions, in different days so you can assimilate and practice what you learned in the first part before the second part. We'll carefully address every step of my whole workflow with different examples showing you my process on every particular technique. We'll also take a closer look to your portfolio and I will give you some tips about planning, social media growth and Google Earth scouting.

Please contact me for further information or to book a session

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