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The Dolomites are the most rugged and photogenic mountains in the Alps. Located in Northern Italy and South Tyrol, they offer endless options for outdoor sports and in contact with nature, especially in summer.

This year I was lucky enough to travel to this area of ​​the Alps in order to photograph the sunsets and sunrises in the most spectacular places during four intense days of scenic beauty. So it is essential to have a good mountain equipment that is light to be able to walk long distances without discomfort of weight, such as Columbus products.

Our first day is dedicated to seeing the Tre Cime di Lavaredo area, three gigantic and iconic mountains of the region that leave you speechless. To reach there you have to pay a toll of about 30€, leaving the car next to the Auronzo refuge. Once up, the views are already amazing. That night we camped with our ULTRA 2 tent in front of Cadena di Misurina, to see the sunrise between mountains and clouds.

Summer in Dolomites is beautiful, especially because of the huge amount of flowers of all colors. In addition, unlike winter, it is easy to access the mountains and the temperature is not very cold. There are many hikes available for those who like trekking. For my hikes I had the magnificent backpack ‘DOLOMITE 55’ by Columbus, in which I have everything I need to camp two people, including FUJI and HEKLA sleeping bags, ILMB mats, ULTRA 2 tent, some clothes and food.

The second night we camped in the beautiful lake of Limides. To get there, just park the car at the Falzarego Pass and walk about 30 minutes to the lake. The reflections are overwhelming, the environment full of fairy firs and if that were not enough, red, blue and yellow flowers surround the lake. Super photogenic place, ideal for sunrise. Although that morning dawned with enough clouds that covered the sunlight.

Our last camping night was in the spectacular mountain of Seceda, 2500 meters away. To climb, the easiest way is by funicular from the Ortisei station, which in winter corresponds to a ski resort. From above the views are spectacular. There is enough space to pitch the tent around the station, and if the weather is good you will surely not be alone. During sunset, the mountain of Seceda is dyed red. But the sunrise is even more beautiful. In summer, at 5:30 in the morning the sun rises just behind the mountain, offering unbeatable beauty. It is one of the most gorgeous sunrises I've seen lately.

This express trip to Dolomites comes to an end, but I am sure that I will return as Dolomites has infinite corners full of photographic and adventurous charm.


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